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ballot and it ailed. ccming up in our o'clock hour... the u-s senate has its member.the newly elected official... from wisconsin. 3 millions of amerrcans... suffering from a chronic mmdical condition.the super bug ttat may be developing aa resistance... to antibiotics. ((break 3)) g@gooww over 25 million ppople in the u-s suffer from chronic sinus infections, or traditional treattent is to prescribe antibiotics to fighh the condition... health officials re saying we could &pbe reating a super sinus bug susan hendricks explains why... in today's heellt minute. minute. dr. subiioy das ((ue-bih-no dahs) is working to develop a identify the type of sinus infection a patientthhs because it's information doctors reallyyneed. in most cases, patients suufer from periodic sinus congestion aan paan.but when sinusitis is pauseddby a bacteria, the side effects can be devastating. the bacteria can rapidly spreaa back to your brain or to your eyes and cause serious complications.traditional treatment has always been doctors are being urged to cut down on that's because accordin
with a 61-percent majority .... one of the laagest margins of victory on the u-s map.despite the fact thatt ooama did almost no campaigniig in maryland. that matter.but in a state so heavily democratic - neither of them need bother to waste time here....12:39:53 " i number of presidential ads inn local media in marylandd because no matter what your preferences were, maryland was gonna be blue. so maryland is definitely a liberal state." political analyst lestee &pspence... doesn't hesitate to call maryland - liberrl. 12:32:22 "and notice, my polittcs are left-leaning."the & proof - can be ffund in many u-s senate.... incumbent democrat ben cardinn was quick to praiseehis party....ben cardin: 10:41:08 - "congratuuatiins to president ffct - aryland's republican &pdelegation is now a lonely party of one...andy harris: 11:53300 "i'll actually be the only representative... in the house."marylann voters - also apprrved this year - some very left-leaninn ballot the dream. and we've becomeethe first state to approve gay marriage by
-- drone. &ptwo iranian ffghter jets fired on the unarmed drone in the persian gulfflasttweek.the u-s aar force predator drone wass not hit...but was performing suuveillancc in international airspace.... east oo kuwait,. but he incidenttraiies fresh concerns wwthin the obama admiiistration about iranian military aggression in crucial gglf ool shipping lanes. seven navy seals are unished information o a viieo game. the pentagon they provided viieo game publisher n to he - electronic artt for the gaae "medal of honor."the company consulttnts on the game.the ssven were accused oo showinn their official coobat gear and disclosing lassified material. they were given a letter of reprimand and docked two ineligible for promooion and a moving tribute in the nation's capital... he the nation. as marianne rafferty explains.. it's the common ground awwrddfor conflict resolution, negottation and peace buulling. u-s mbassador chris stevens, along itt three in an attack on the u-s consulate in benghazi, libba secretary of state hillary - clinton, says ambassador stevens legacy
next year. as martha shade it would plungg the u-s 3conomy back into recession. we want an agreement. we want an agreement. repubbiians and democrats have 48 days to ccme up with that greement, and avoii having the nation goo over the so-caaled "fiscal cceeos o ggt their thoughts. on tuesday, labor leaders weet &ppo tte white house to discuss the tax increases and ssendinn cuts set to take effect in compromise.the president, like that rich people pay tteir fair share. hh's very, very committed to that.if things don't change, tax cuts will expiie for middle-income americans n january. the tax policy center estimatts the aveeage household aces a tax increase of 35--undred-dollars. thinking ttat mighh not be a nd possibility for people whh doo use that money at the end of the year forrbig expenses that would be tough."democrats want and to keep current taxes repuulicans want to cut ss. government spending. a ew poll shhws mann americans thinkklawmakers arr too far ppllsters they thinkkconnress - won't reach a deel. i'm marthaa shade reporting. witt congressional leaders mee fr
places to live.... the... republican candidaat... running... for... u.s. seeate n maryland ...// ffled... an... complaint... against... iidependent candidate... rob... so-bonnie...//. dan... bon-gino... is accusing ... the... so--bonnie... campaign... of... making ...iilegal robocalls..../// crime... anddjustice reporter ... joy lepola... explains.../ robocalls... during ...ttee.. last ...gubenatorial electiin.../ resulled ... in... criminal charges ...being filed. it wasn't thattlong ago, when ballimore city juuorsswere deciding thh fate of tww people tieddto the ehlrich campaign following llegal robbcalls that were made to votees during the guuenatorial race. this time around... it's in the race or maryland's u.s. senate seat that's resulted in qqestionabbe robocalls eing made. take a listen... lets electta real conservative thanks for listening beep beep 6 :36 that call hassled candidate to file a complaint with the federal eleetion commissiin. dan bongino believes the call violated federal campaign aw by fa
died... while reportedly u-s airways.16-year-old nstt - - delvonte tisdale died in november 2010... after falliig from the wheel well of a plane. his family claims u-s airwayss.. along with the city of charlotte, north carolina and charlotte-douglas international airport... should have stopped the teen from getting onto he plane. tisdale ran away from his father's home in northh carooina.his family believes home in balttmore. 3&the officiaa numbers re out this year's altimoreegrand prix... and it's a not- finish.the report shhws attendance this year was down &pby 30-thousand... and the rac aren't surprised by the y they &ppumbers... given the short time they had to put the event togetter. 4924 it's like tte ravens in only ran thrre pages, thrre - yards, kick a field goal , we wanted tt win tte game. this year we can expand the playbook 37 race organizers &phope to increase attendance.. by lowering ticket prices for starttselling tickets next - month... in hopes of taking advantage of the holidaa shoppinggseason. occupy waal street protesters could have a revolutionary idea
. and presidenttobama provides some aggressive answersstoo rrpeated quessions about the the u-s consulate in benghazi. 3 well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. a high-speed chase in georria ends when the suspect slams into an ambulance at nearly 100 mileesan hour. the driver and her two she slammed into this ambulance. police say they tried to pull the car over the hree people in the fleeing car weren't wearing seatbeltt, the aabulance crew and the patient that was inside at the time got away with minor injuries. police say they don't know why the woman ran. a plane crashes into a house in jackson, mississippi last ni. can see smoke rising from the site of the crash.ii's nottyet known what caused the small plane to crash, ut ... there were at leaat... thhee people aboard... anddone resident in the home.she was able to get of the passengers on the plane is reported to bb investigattng.fficialssare first post ellction press - conferen
information today... about the september terrorist attack on the u-s consulate in libya... that left 4 americans &pdead. according to a senior u-s intelliggnce official... - between the initial call for officers arrival attthe u-s mission. the officers allegedly used thhse 25 minutee to get weapons loaded inno vehicles... while others were on the phone trying to get loccl "friendly" militias wiih heavier weapons to help. the new information comes in rrsponse to report last on the ground were ordered to s u-s officials say that's simply not true. 3republican presidential candidate mitt romnny plans to make his closing argumentt today... to the american event in wisconsin... where he is expected o focus on his romney ann president obama's campaigns are focusing oo key swing statee... where polls show it's a vvryytight race. with just four days to go in this election ssason... some big economic news is due out this mooning. the occobbr jobs report will e released y the the numbers could have an impact on the tighh fight for president. staaey cohan issin washington wiih the story.go
, a u.s. resident out of state. >> okay that is correct that is correct. but we made it explicit in the bill, we made it very clear in the bill that it would not be at the expense of another maryland resident. >> i understand that. but i u.s. resident. >> it a shell game. >> you are talking about what the loophole is here is how it works. 25% of the revenue at the university of maryland comes from out of state students. they pay that extra money that operates the school. >> that is not the number there aren't that many out of state students. to be 25% of the revenue. >> can i interrupt you. >> you did. >> go ahead. your numbers aren't right. >> my numbers are right. the problem with you in the legislature are you don't know how to count and that is what creates all the problems in this state. let me say this. >> we have a aaa bond rating. >> not for long. >> there are 27,000 students who apply, or potential students who apply at the university of maryland, as you pointed out, only 7,000 of them are accepted. there is a 16,000 dollar difference in in state and out of state tuition
than last year. 3 -3 3 the... mmrrland's... u-s... senate race .../ is... accuuing of his opponentt ... / of,... a "rrbocall"... violation...//. dan.... & bon--ginn... filed a complaint... with ...the... federaa election commissiin...///. robocalls... were made... to vvters... over the weekend....// take... a....listen.... listen....:27 so don't waste conservative rob sobhani for u-s senatt. thanks for - listtning beep beep :36 it... was... the bongino & ampaign... that to... youtube. .../// p word.... also spread... on... twitter and facebook. .../// bong--ino... saas... within annhour... -3 .../ o... include an auuhority line.../ law. 3 (bongino) 11140 :07 you're not alllwed to call people's homes with anonymous robo calls make misseading aad in thii casee outwardly false accusations - but then not say who the call is from. if you're going to lli you have tt man
celebration of native american h ponthtribes came from all over the u-s to parricipate ii the event. 3 "if i had a chance to get hit by a caa today so they could keep playingg i'dddo ittin a he" heartbeat." a devastated rob aabrose...why towson's football coach was o dejected after big win yesterday...coming up in sports unlimited... & president barack obama is not immressed. impresssddcheck oot the president with u-s gymnast mckayla maroney... imitating her "not impresssd" look.. madd fammus by the ollmpiaa during the games.the president met with members of the 2012 &pu.s. olympic gymmastics team on thursday... maroney won an individual silver medal and during tteeceremony, she was &pcaught with the now infamous "not impressed face"... which went viral. 3 3 thatts all for the news at ten...i'm jennifer gilberr... up next bruce unningham and morgan adsit have an update on maryland's potential mmve to theebig ten n ports coming up tonight on sportss this tte end we have the latest on their potenttaa move to he big ten... ten... &pfinal day of the nascar season...find out
... september consslate... thatt eff... 4... americans - dead...//. according... to... a senior... u-s intelligence officcal.../ minute gap.. between tth iniiial call for help... from the consulatt... / andd.. officers arrivall.. at the u-s mission..../. the... officers... allegedly uusd peapons ....loaddd into o get vehicles.../ while... oohers ...wwre on he phhne ...trying to get local "friendly" militias.... with... heavier weapons o help....///the... new informationn.. comes in response to report lass week... / claiming the officers... on the ground... were ordered to ssand down....duringgthe attack...///. u-s officials... say... that's victims oo that mass colorado when it comes to their hospital bills.thh univvrsity of collrado hospittl agreee bills.eeen some f the doctors who often bill separately from hospitall didn't chargg thee patients.the hospital hooes patients won't have to worry about paying expensive bills, &pbut can just focus on getting 3 we nnw know theetop 12 on the the x factor.ging comppeition factor. candace ddld... has reaction... to the for... toddys lowd
.i'm meganngilliland, foo45 morning news. the first ballots cast in the u-s... haveealready beee counte. counttd.the polls in the small town of dixville notch, new hhmpshire opened just after mid. midnight.pressdent ooama and mitt romney eech receeved ive votes.reeidents ave been voting aa midnight since 19- 68... but the tie is a first. another small new hampshire voted at midnight.the result there was obama 23, romney 9. election day is not what it used to be. instead of one day for millions to cast states offer early voting onn many days. and in marylaad more than 430 thousand otees have alleady cast their ballots. ballots. itts nearly twice the number of arly voters as today?? joel d. smith is live at polliig site in cockeysville with more on the expected turnout, and the best times to avoid lines. good morning joel d. good morning guys. success ...for maryland.... / officials... say... about.... 555percent of peoole ... wwll... come out vvte today... polling sstes ... will be m..../// officials ay.... to... avoid having... to stand long lines ..
.... the u-s consulate... in benghazi. 3 subway stations under water.... the shhckkng new footage from hurricane sandy..... and the end of twiikies and wonder bread... a rastic move by hostess... hat could cost 18-thouuand workers their 3 --adblib weather tz-- hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. on any new volkswagen. former c-i-a director david petraeus...amid hii scandal... was on capitollhill today... the u.s. consulate in benghhzi - &pon september eleventh.the attack left ambassador chriss stevens and ttree other americans dead.molly henneberg looks at what was known...compared to what we were being ttld told lawmakers on capitol hill peaving wi
. tonight. caaholic church.... friends ca and family members make their way into the funerrl forra u-s sailor.24 year old alonno gladden was gunned down nine &ppays ago while on leave. muudered less thhn four hours after being home. (jenkins/godmother) 18:03:55 itthurts so bbd beeaase whh would waat to do sooething to him a person like him he never done anything to nyone he neverrhung with crowds it was a close knit famill :05as sadness weighs heavily on the hearts f many... it's safety that is on the mind of others. (natural wipe)(stand up) 18:00:37 you can see there is also a very stroon police pre hereeat gladdens funeral fficers tell me it's outtof concern of safety for ll the military personell who are in town for the funeral as well as gladden's own family. keep in mind detectives have yet to make an arrest in his cass. p(nat sound of chopper overhead @ 17:44:42 chhpper overhead)) gladden was stationed in nnrfolk virginia. a machinist... (2nd capt.)17:41:06 everyoneelooked up to him.aboard the aircraft carrier....the u-s-s abrrham was gladdee's commanding extremely bright e
pptraeus...../ &pnow... john topp.. u-s ccmmander... in he - is... under investigation... for... potential... inappropriatee emails... with the woman ...who started ... the... bi investigation...//. keith daniels... is... here now .... with... and allen.. keith. keith. jeff.... joon allen's milittry career beean when he graduated with honors from the naval academy in 1977. hh returned to teach.. before utimately beccming the irst marine to be appointed commandaattof midshipmen.. the second in commmnd at the naval academy in 2002. a distiiguished marine.. entangged tonight inna sex scandal.. general john allen.."the" nowwunner invvstigation for alleged" inapprrpriate coomunications with the woman at the center of tte petraeus sex broaddell is seen in public for the firss time ow, sinne the affair was revealed friday... jogging in the raii outside her brothhr's northwest d-cchome.. and then later leaving in an suu. uncovered tens of thousands of emails with ill kelley - she's the wommn who says she r
... which means if we left the u-s... they'd job.maryland also receives a johns hopkins university . receives a billion dollars each year... jjst for ressarch mitt romney claims to have figured out what cost him the house.the former republican that president obama won re- election... because he promised so-called "gifts" to minorities and young voters. yesterday durrngga phonn call with somm of rooney's top donors.he said that the president's campaign focussd - contrrccpttves to woo youug women... and amnesty for children of illegal immigraats to push hiipanics to the polls. ooe offromney's biggess supporrers, louisiana governor bobby jinddl, quickly shot down the dea. "i absolutely reject thaa notion, that escription. i think that's absolutely wronn. i don't think that represents where we are as a party and where ww're going as a parry. moss undamental takeaways he - from this election." eeection."jindal went on to say forrthe g-o-p to be competitive in future elections... it must go after quote... "100 percent of thee rrferring to earlier this year... when romney was caughtt
loughnnr... the man that shot anddkilled ix people and wounded many more... including u-s represeetative gabrrelle iffordssin 2011... will spend the rest of hhs life in prison. prison.loughner plead guilty to the shootings and waa sentenceddto life today.. without parole.the hearing mmrked the first time vvctims -- innluding giffords -- could &pconfronttloughner ii ccurt.he husbann spoke on her beealf, saying loughner changed his wife's life forever but couldn't dent her spirit. m-s-n-b-c-'s... chris matthews... hot water... . &pfor comments...// e... &pmadee../ after... the... re-election of presiidnt obama...///. he... praised voters... for... eleeting... mr. pbama... whee... he rrferenced... the positive impact... hurricann sanny... had.../ onn.. the presideet's ccmp. campaign. good work for thhm, for america. i'm so glaa we had that storm ast week bbcause i think tte storm was no, pooitically i should say, not in terms of urtingg people. thhse comments cominn in the early morning wednesday... followinggthe president's sandyykilled more ttan aa without power... an
-b-iiinnesttgation into petraauu. according to a u-s official... petraeus told his mistress... paula broadwell... to stop seeding parassiig e--ails to the other woman... jill kelley. petraeus wass't mentioned by name... and officiall say thh nature not explicitly threaaen did if you watched football this &ppast weekend... it was hard t that forcee players off the fied it turns out... á25 percentá of sunday's games... hadda starting quarterback -le experts say it points to new reason... thaa more needs to the ocean city pier... left damaged by super storm sandy... will soon be ebuilt. payor rick meehaan.. who says the pier has tremenddus importance to the town and its visitors. meehan says hee pxxects it to be rebuill in time for the summer season.the projecttis expected to be very expensive. the hooe where michael jackson spent he months beeore his death has sold.. the 17-thouuand-square-foot lls angeles hhuse was sold for 18-point-1-million- dollars. concert promoter aae-g had been renting the &pthousand-dollars a month. the agent who sold he home declined to name the person was a member of a p
... . controversy. 3((pkg)) it'' 30 second robocall that takes aim at marrlaad's u.s. senate republican candidate... dan your vote lets elect a real conservative ob sobhani for u-s ssnate. thanks ffr listening beep beepp:36bongino says the sunday evening call viooaats federal campaign llw by faillng to include tte required disclaimer. (bongino) 11:40 :07 you're not allowed to call people'' hhmes with anonymouu robo calls make outwarddy false accusations but then nnt say who he call &pis from. if youureegoing to lie you hhve to man up and take credit for it :23sam patten is with the sobhani campaign. (sam) 12:45:45 all the robo calls like all the the campaign doesshave disclaimers i don't know if it was inadvertant or intentional that it was somehow cut off the call patten emailee to fox 45 this afternoon... did include the disccaamer. bongino elieves the changes were made only after the call twitter.(bongino) 11:41:22 he ppcked a fight with the wroog sobhaai campaign...... he latest camppign tactic to come under scrutiny. commericals &phave been pulled other changgd 12:49:20 you don't believe
-adblib weather tz-- -3 the u-s border patrol is releasing this video... of one group's ailed attemmt to ttied tt drive his jeep... over a 14--oot-higg border rampptuesddy.patrollinggents spotted them... w it was otth. happening.tte jeep got stuck... as yoo can see... and the suspeets ran back into mexico. baltimore ires neow -3 customerssthrough outtthe area...less than 20 thousand as eeter the third day of ning clean-up efforts. jog pfficer rob goull.... > will we see a rate ike ow that ,3thor o t sin before the responsible for oo a persons ??- property following a storm likkethis? > how will smart meters hange the > how will storm prrperty r on a persons g-e.... responsiile >what re youu.. b- and njjbeen sent to ny bbfore the sttrm, were stanning by >havccews, thatt westngbe t st bseo nd>waryoo... -g-e.... responsible for onna persons prooerty followwngga storm like this? > how will mart peters channe the way bgg covers post ttrm clean-up? a hallooeen pumpkin carvvnn experiment gges wrong...on ive t-v in indiana. inniana.jason lindsey... wn as tte "hooked on sccence guy"....was
stations actually increased. the u-s census bureau says part of the reason... could be unclear exactly how much an effect the storm had. 3 a holiday traditton enterrng its 5th decade is happening righh now in hhward county. county.. he poinsettia tree is being asseebled at the "mall n columbia" joel d.. smith is live there nnw to find out what makes this so special to the people there, and what kind of crazy hours joel d. lunteerr have to work t3 3 3 3 coming up on the arly tickets ttat video shows... are completeeyywrong. wrong. (17:09:48) "there's too many people in need right now to not have to speed camera tickets." tickets."how oog the city hhs known that there'ssa problem... with some of the 3itatiins. ((break 1)))-& ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) 3 3 ad ibs))((traffic rrporter 33 meteorologist)) & 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map greenspring--liberty-- 400-map 33 p3 3 coming up... big ben ut... for sunday's game against balti. baltimore.the ravens talk about whattit will be like to go up against the steelers... without him. (17:09:08) ""t wa
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, excuse me. direct: do you think that u.s. officials in washington had enough information beforehand, enough of these warnings, to beef up security before the attack ever happened? >> well, that is the purpose of our inquiry. and, that decision will be made by the committee. i have not had an opportunity get to go through what are thousands of pages. and, i -- you know, i want to do that. i want other members to do it. i don't want to jump to any conclusion. but, it would appear to me -- and this is just me -- that the five prior incidents in the year, which aren't intelligence, they are not threats. they are actual attacks on the british ambassador, on our consulate once before, on a number of other things, on the united states missions. now, that, to me, is sufficient intelligence to make a decision. now -- we want to see what the extent -- extenuating circumstances are, that it wasn't beefed by us, if it couldn't be beachefed up by the libyans or we didn't close done the consulate. >> chris: second question, was there enough time between the first attack and the second attack the
, given the forces we had on the ground, could u.s. forces have done more realistically to protect the u.s. forces and protect -- to u.s. personnel, and, prevented the last two -- >> that is key and goes to preventing the last two, the former seals from being killed and the answer is we didn'tave resource in range and they acted quickly but had to get somebody from spain and croatia and forces who arrived much too late. they sent a drone and it was an unarmed dronend if we had an armed drone it could have probably knocked out the people firing the mortars that killed the two seals. >> chris: given what we had there, you are saying -- >> there was no capacity to defend our personnel, in a timely way. once the attacks occurred and we can't let that happen again, and, part of what we have to do to make sure it doesn't happen again is we adequately support oush defen our defense -- >> and the other question, was it dod are state's fault. and we don't know the answer. >> chris: finally, a minute left, senators john mccain and graham called for a special congressional committee to investigate be
today. question one: the u.s. consulate in benghazi was attacked twice, before the 9/11 fatal assault. in fact, in august, and repeatedly, security officials there asked for more urity, said they felt they were vulnerable. and, the situation was so dangerous, that the british diplomats and the red cross pulled out of benghazi. question: did the president know about that? >> chris, all i can tell you is, the president is fully committed to the safety of his diplomats and knew the ambassador and was deeply invested in his work there and, obviously, any steps that we needed to take, we would have wanted to take. so, you know, i mean, i'm not in the white house, i'm not privy to all of the discussions but i can tell you this: this president is 100% committed to the people of -- he sends overseas personally to represent the country and is the one who met the coffins when they came home, any suggestion that he would not take the necessary steps, to protect them, make some decision not to take the steps to protect them is nonsense. >> chris: david, i understand you are not in the white house
to vote. in the u-s... ballots are still eing cast... and áwhy.áyou're watching fox 45 morninn news.. all locca.. all morning. 3 wowooohooo....hahaahahaha! oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than a witch in a broom factory. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. nnw this morning... constructiin crews are back aa work at the word trade ceeter site... aawwek after superstorm sandy lammed new york. the 16-acre site looded last week. most of thh wattr has sinceebeen pumped out and 750 workers are back on the job this morning. not all of new york is recovered from saady.a week long island still have no shortage of power poles and they mayynot get relief there for up to three weees. poting is still taking place in new jerssy... because of super storm sandy.the state announced last week... that storm victims should qualify as "overseas voters"... meaaing they aar eligib
maryland... has... now joined... a... long list ...of states... to....withdraw... from the u-s! u-s!mmranda stephens is live the petiiion's going so far... and why some say it's not a bad idea. tte white hoose created a "we the peeple" section on its web citizens a stronger voice in government. and boy have thh people spoken!maryland now has ... online signatures calling number is quickky growing! growingg it's known as the free staae....but could maryland sson be free from the united states?! 9:57 i think it's crazy 58 13:23 it is funny. it'' more of a joke it seems like (laughs) 26maryland is sttrted online petitions to ve - responseeto the reeelection of all being donn throughhan opee white-house-dot-gov... which allows citizens to reate petitions about nythinn... and get an officiil response phey reacc 25-thhusand suppooting signattres! 11:07 i definitely think because of the electioo some people feel like the country's bbcome divided but we're not going to get anywhere if e just divide and become inddpendent states 188he maryland petition was created monday by a man in thee
to hire 55-thousand seasonaa workers in he u-s... to pandle the increased vy!we're giivig away 100 dollar viia giftcards every hour, everyday on ox45 morning news through thanksgivg. 3 you haae 11 minutes to call us prize!want to get your name in e the box?go to facebook dottcom slash foxbaltimore and "contests" to fill out the formnd read the official &prules. 3 the official outt the form and "contes" to coming up onnthe early eddtion... controversial cammaign aas... sprinn up just days before he ellcti. elti.elderly people ad: steal this eleccion, i'm n acwnt man lepuh. igt the ads... and he groups behinn them.3 3 ((break )) ioux4"thanks giveaway!" giveawaa!"we're givvng way 10dollar visa giftcards everyy our, eryday on o45mog wsg you have 15 minutes to call us at 410-481-4545 to claim your e prize!want to et your na in the box?go to ffcebook dot c slash xbaltimore "contests" t form and read the offiiial ((ad lib meteorologist)) ((traffic porter ad libs)) 3 3 pddlibs)))(traffic reporter p,3 mmteorologist))(((d lib the form aad "ccnnests" to - fill clicc on "contests"
in - 33&across the country... people are paying tributt to u-s serviceemembers.on sunday... president obama spoke during aa ceremony at arlington national cemetery.... n honor of veterans day. bagpipes playing playingmilitary veteeans... livinggand dead... were honorrd and remembered for serving their country. president obama laid a wreath in a solemn ceremony.knowns... &p45-110 "today a ppoud nation express ur ratitude. but we do so mindful that no ceremony or paraae no hug or hand shakee is enough to trulyyhonor that service forr of that we must do mmre. for and everyday to serving you as well as you serveddus." the preeident also met with mmliiary families in sectton 66 of the cemetery... where vettrrns of the most recent wars in iraq and afghanistan are laii to rest. here in maryland... officials will gather at a ceremonn today... honnring veterans in baltimore.lieutenant goverror anthony brown and mayor stephanie rawlings-blake are amoog those scheduled to attenddthe ceremony will be hell in the war memorial plazaa at 9 a-m... following the annual veterans march. 3 the ravens i
to your breakfast combo for just 99 cents. 3 new this orning... the u-s combat mission in afghanistan is et to end in 20-14... but home.according o defense pecretary leon panetta... the working out the details.a decision should be made in the coming weeks... about how many with security training and to conduut a counterterrorism mission against al qaedd.right now... abbut 67-thousand u-s troops are still in the country. today... houue minority leader, nancy pelosi will make a majjr announcement on her future in congress.she's scheduled a news conference in wwshingtonn.. to discuss whether she intends to stay on as the house democraatc leader. it's a position she first took ttn years ago today. the caliiornia democrat made history as the first wooann speaker of the house... when she was electee to the position in 2007. toyotaais recallinn more thaa today... duueto a steering and water pump problem.the recall &pinnludes the prius hybrid... produced in japan from the year 2000 to 2212.this is the company's second major recall in recent months.the company says ownees that are affected w
.. and ith word thhttthe pressdent obama duuiig a debate in his initial illiiois campaign for u-s senate in 2004. at he timee the president said he was for dd- videoo "but i'm not somebody who believes innthe legalization of marijuana..." .........some maryland baltimmre city delegate curt anderson wants a bill... which includes no arrest, no prosecution..ooly a citation and fine.(del. anderson) "too getting convictions from are nuisance cases ike these using marijuana and five or sixxyears later,,they can't get into school, they can't get jjbs..".........others including former maryland &pstate police captain, leighh madox....(mmdox) "llgalized, regulated and controlled...." .........madox, whoss a memberr of leap, law enforcement against prohibition, says legalizing marijuana would, among other things, end the violence associated with the drug.((adoox "because it's no longer going tt be cash crop. you're not going to have warehouses full of cash ttat eople want to steal and that peoole want to buy ggns tt protect. we're not seeing people fighhing over alcohol like we did
to hear testimonn from general petraeus... about the attack on a u-s consulate in libya. the big qqestion... he could be're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local... ((break 6)) 45 morning news.. all local... ((break 6)) hey! hey, baby. [ starts car ] were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! no. could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin' donuts' smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's deliciously irresistible. hurry in today. hurry in to dunkin' and add oven-toasted hash browns to your breakfast combo for just 99 cents. new thii morning... conflict intensifies in israel and gaza... leaving behiid death and destruction.massive airstrikes on gaaa were reported early this morning. israel sayy morr than 400 rockets wwre fired since wednesday, and it's being forced to prrtect its citizens with weappns of iis own. both israeli and palestinian officials are reporting deaths -- including children. authorities are continuing too investigate some bizarre pootage... just recently captured in coloradooit shows an unidentified object... flying in the skies o
in the house." disappointing night... fox 45 nees." &p of the u-s senate.while poll - results were still trickling in for some significant racess it immosssble for republicans to regain control of the chamberrthe senate has been n the hands of the deeocraas since 2206. republicann are celebrating ooe big winnthis morning. although he votes arr still being couuted in several states... it look like the g-o-p will mainnain control of the house of rrpresentatives. contrrl in the 2012 midterm ellctions. paul ryan may not have become vice president last night... but he will e coming back to washington.ryan represents wisconsin's first congressionaa district and challenger for an 8th term in the house. edition... on a mission... to ve vooe.the 99-year-old baltimore stand in her way. 3 ((break 1)) ((ad lib ((brrak 1))((break 1)) 3 ((traffic eporter ad libs)) 3 3 ad libs))((traffic reporter 3 ((traffic reporterrad libs)) map 40 map liberty map shawan map 40 map liberty map shawan 3 3 3 3- still to come... casey anthony... gets unwelcome news. news.the ruling made by florida judgg... in the ci
)flames, ddstruction, and death at the u.s. ccnsulate in beeghazi. fourramericans - killed - including u.s. 3 p3 from the start.terrorist attack knew it was a the whitee house republicans say the white house knew it was a terrorist attack from the starr. 3 from the start.terrorist attacc knew it was a the white house republicans ay benghazi attack."responssbility for sharia claims responsibility republicans say the whitee houseeknew it was a terrorist attackkfrom the start. 3 3 from the start.terrorist attack knew it was a terrorist attack from the start. similaritiis between thh the attack in benghazi......and watergatt...tonnght on the late edition at 11 3 . it couldn't make the turn and t blocked the whole street" street.""ig rigs... damaging property in bbltimore cconty the problem that may be sending them down small streets...coming up ánewá at 10-30 tonight 52-100"all day, every day, he'll wake up....... fall &pasleep with it." it." and oddlers with 3 and toddlers with i-pads. why some say its becoming a form of addiction and what parents can dooabout it. i'm janice pprk live aa bar
scandal.generrl john allen... the u-s commander in afghanistan... is under investigatton for allegedly sending emails to jill kelley... a women linked in director.kelley is said to i-a - haae sparked the f-b-i investigation into the relationship betteen petraeus broadwell. the f-b-i is uuder chairwoman dianne feinstein did not tell congressional oversight committees ahead of time about the petraeus affair. "i'm sure both of them look back on what has now transsirrd and reallze thhy poth madd the biggest mmsttkes regret it tremenddusly, but i know, sorttof come roaring bacc." feinstein's committte plans determine how it will proceed on the f-b-i matter. petraeus &pcame to light during an f-b-i e-mails reportedly sent by broadwell to jill kelley. lance armstroog is officially cutting ties... with the foundation.on monday... the pormer professional cyyllst volunttrily resigged ffom its board of directorr... to spare the organization any further negatiie effects from controversy... surroundinn his alleged performance-enhancing drug use.armmtrong helped create the organnzatiin 15 years ag
in 2000 in australia and made its way to the u-s in p007. 3 3 enjoy a little piece of ireland right here in baltimore. the maryland irrsh festival is taking over the timonuim ffirgrrunds this weekend. jane bannon from the festival joins us for this mornings hometown hotspot.-- tell us about the irish festival. - what age groups what can we see at the feetival? festtval? p3 3 the maryland irish festival s happening frrday november 9th through sunday, november 11th. at the timonnuu fairgrounds. for more information log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. coming up... the ravvns are waking up winners. winnerssbut why not all fans are waking up happy withhtheir perfoommace this morning. and.. thhnk you could po a better job running for president thannthe current you try your hand at geeting elected... and how it's helping in the real electiin. you're watching ox 45 morning nnws.. ll locall. all &p((break )) i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing missions over germany. made it home every time. i'm lucky to have good friends who are all still around, and we're all lucky to have a f
york metropolitan irs tefg n n wednesday. the u-s border patrol is releasing this video... of one group's failed aatempt to border in aronn.suspected smugggers tried to drive this makeshift ramp tuesdayyhigh patrolliig agents spotted them... while it waa happening. the jeep got stuck... as you can see... and the suspects ran back into mexicc. &p3coming p... attiarw g... ci oe ga that's making it difficult for drivers to fill up. d we still don't have a winner... in our "thanksgiveaway" ctest. mmnutes leff to call v just 10 410-481-4545... to aim ur 10llarisft a..orll aer ame in mornnng nees.. ll lcal.. all - morningg prrsident obama anddrepublican candidate mitt romnny get their campaigns back in full swing today. they'll hit several key states... as they try and shore up support wwth the eleconnjuut daas away. as mary ellen hopkins explain.. both campaigns e 3i innhighr politics took a back seat for a few days while the nation focused on the devastating effects of &psuperstorm sandy. president obaaa aad new jersey governorr chris christie ccked out the damagg... thest ofd seorics e
crossing ttrned into a good laugh for u-s customs agents. agentss this... is... an.../ epic faal. fail. this... is... what... border agents fouud... when.. they came... to the us, gl.alrio .//. tn uma, oohiorfence... on... a riikety ramp... made... out of... aluminum laddees..../// somehoww.. they actually got the jeep... but... that's... - as... far as... this... half cookeddscheme .w .... pe.. pe other... news,.../ n.. - border... patrol ...has a when cld we see the sun again? at the extended forecast. basketball player... has left theearea../.bruce cunningham haa full n sports unlimited. &
nioe y l trr qa maryland, maine, minnesota and washington state. the u-s border patrol is rrleasing thissvideo... of one illegally cross he us-mexiio border in aaiza.suspected orrer enne... using afoii makeshift ramp tuesday. patrrlling agentt spotted them... while it waa happening. the jeep got stuck... as you can see... and thh suspects ran back into mexico. rihanna is trying &pto lure n fans....with limited edition of her latest a. "unapologetii"... comes in a -or eeexact. 40-pageecustom notook from the singer... cootaiiing written noteeto fanss.. a t-ssirt... a -s-b drive... aa other items. thh album will bb released november 19th. 3&coming up... up... it's the news we've been inside of this cake... will e - insievval the geedee of our e - exxeutive producer's baby. &pboyyorra ggrl.we're goinggto cut into it d find o... yr hioxgorom ((k e. ((break 5)) 3 ((toss to weatherr) ((ad lii mmteooologist))((ad lib ((addlib meteorollgist)) 3 weather kid tease ((toss tt weather)) 3 p(ad lib ))((break 5)) meteooologist)) 3 peather kid teasee- p.mup-pup...coming up... up...there they
.../ to... some... of the in... u--s... history..../// catheine.... herridge explains... that... the ...// ghost... f... watergate.... is... rturn/ returniig...// ssme senior senate republicans say the depth and breadth of the benghazi scandal now requires an investigation on par with some of the majjr scandals in modern american historr. graham says, "wwtergate investigation benefitted from a joint selecc benefitted from a select committee, i thinkkfinding the trrth about benghazi is only resources of these three committees and do it in a &pprofessional manner." the republican proposal would bring together theesenate intelligeece, armed ervices investigation now hs attleast three lines of inqqiry. there is thh questionnof uupability of secrrtaryyclinton and her department. ayotte says, ""e know there were caales, requests made from the state departmenn officials asking for enhanced security and so that's why you can sse where this investigation has to bee looked at in a complete fashion, rather than n a stovepipe." there are statements that the benghazi
posted online. little aidenndiinnt know that darth vader... is really his fatherr.. u-s navv sailor justti whyte. booh aiden and his sister emily....whoowas dressed as princesssleia hadnnt seen whyte in three months.according to "militaryy times""whyte s currently on deployyent in the middle east. for hristmas. phat's all for fox45 news at 5:30."family feud" is next. next.and we'll be bbck tonight the late edittoo att11... pater. eyou later. joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: welcome to the show. come on, let's go, b. come on. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] how you folks doing? thank y'all very much. thank you very ,
-ranking ilitary official. as ed payne explains... general john allen... the u-s said to have sent emails to a woman linked in the affair with formee c-i-a director david etraeus. general john allen, the top is now unddr investigatiin for potentiallyyinappropriaae eeails with a woman liiked to the david petraeus affairr jill kelley. kelley is said to haae sparkee theef-b-i investigation into the relationship between petraeus and is biographer, ppala &pbroadwell.f-b-i gents carrie out boxes from broadwell's charlotte, north carolina home monday night. agentt wouldn't say what they found.the f-b-i is unner scrutiny as well. chairwoman dianne feinsteinn wants tooknow why the f-b-i did not ttll congressional overssght committees ahead of time abbut the petraeus affair. feinssten's committee &pplans to meet privately today to determine how it will broadweel was a biographer for the decorated four-sttr army co-authored the book on petraees with broadwell says booh parties haveeregrets but transpired and realize they both made the bbggest mistakes &pof their lives and uh- i assume both of h
.. 3 republicans maintain cootrol of the u-s house afterr pesterday'sseleetion.democrats control the senatee..and of it's been that way forrtwo yeaa. years. but ... the politicians... inability... to... agree on ...things like... the ...federal budget .../ or... how to control the debt, ../ may... be... just the start... of griilock... with... &pstraaght ahead. ahead. the cliif we are talking about looms so large -- seasoned economists don't want to dwell economy in the first year.--- - [peterrmorici sound]in 36:38 "thh president and congress are going to be very busy from november 15th till around christmas to resolve these issues."trt=:07a blow to the economy that could reel america back into the grips of a deep recession.[take graphic called "fiscalcliif" eric's shaae folder]the lifffincludes reductions tt defeese, expiration of bush era tax cuts, the end of the payyoll &ptax holiday, extended reimbursemmnt cuts to doctors. perraas with [pllase layer in &pcuts to doctors.reimbuussment in $3,500 perhaps with an yer - arrow pointing up]
. those hearings eleventh attack on the u-s consulate in libya. molly henneberg explains why petraeus woo't be the onll perron who won'' be availabll to testify testiff pore truths begin o trickle consulate in libya. the state department says -- paper trail.nuland says: "we've had requests for committees and from a numbbr of staff and membbrs. we have noo made documents vailable &p mann on capitol hill wan to know what hhppennd before, purinn, anddafter the attack... whichhkilleddfour americans -- includiig corkerr ays: "the aftermath, - phe misleading statements, what we wann to know is what happened and if was there aa fail of intelligence." republicans say the wite house failed to provide adequatt ddplomatic security aae deffnding the administratiin's foreign policy,,saying this is just a p prrsident. meanwhile petraeus handing in his resignatiin a week before the benggazi hearing -- citing an extramaritaa affairr he is no longer scheduled to senate intelligence agenny pearing.king says: "it's not the cia director thaa has o testify, it's the person who was t
. general ohn allen.."tte""top u.s. commander in now under investigation for "allegee" iiappropriate commmnications pith the woman at the cennerr of the petraeus sex ssandal. the pentagon saas tte thousands of emails with jill says sheereceived threatening pmails from general avii petraaus's mistress - paula broadwell. those emails led to the orginial fbi investigationnthat uncoveree the xtramariial affaii little says: "while thiss matter is under invvssigation and before the facts are remain commander oo isaf." - petraaus resiined friday nddttere are questions about the actual timiig and lenggh of his afghanistan that could pen up him to prosecution under militarr law.panetta says: "we obviously are going to watch this closely to deterrinn just eeactly wwen that took place." defense ecretary leon panntta replaced generrl petraeus when he took over the cia. phornberry says: "this thhng gets even more biiarre and we aae all ocusee on the personal interactionssbut there are serious questions f nationaa securityy" general allen denies any wronn doing aa
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album..sinceeits oct. 22 release, red has sold more than 1.6 million copies in the u.s swiiching gears a bit... &prumor has it, a hollyyood actress ii entering politics... actrrss ashley judd is one thh naaes bbing tossed around as a potential candidate to fill a senate seat innkentucky... sse said in a statement priday that she's honored to be mentioned. she and would have to re-establlsh a rrssdence n kkntucky beforr reppblican eader mitch mcccnnell in his ttentt- no democrats have ssepped forward so far.this isn't exactly a surprisee the actress took an actiie role in president obama's rr-election campaign..immcandaceedold and thatt your lowdown. 3 katrina viccims know a few deeastating storm... what some - of hem id for victimm of hurricane sandy... coming up. &p3 ---dblib weather on... the... east coast ...are... still picking up the pieces... / two weeks... after... suuer torm sandyy after... tougging ut the storm ...aadd many... are still without powee..../in ... new jersey ../ &p more than... 175 thousand households... are company ... promises.;..
what one u-s official has described ass "jealous" emails broadwell sent to elley. now, general allen is under investigation for allegedly sending to kelley email messages one defense official escrrbed as "flirtatiius." defense officials say authorities are pages of documents. "it - really makes yoo wonderrhow he it, and the motivation to do o - that from afar." the news about allen--which the national security council spooesman says president obama learned about the same day petraeus resigned-- has put allen's nominntion to be nato's supreme allied commander on hold..allen denies any wrongdoing and &premains on duty in afghanistan. "the presidentt has great confidence ii the military, great coofidence in the commander, and will continue to have that confidence." a defenss official tells cnn there's a defense department ty" the investigation into allennis connected to the petraeus fbi investigation. fbi agents removed property rom broadwell's nnrth carolina cooperating, which is a good idea. the qqestion: are these classified documents?" the answer may show if nationaa pec
...///. the u-s aa.. key ...israeli ally... and... many on capitol hilll say... the country hould defend but... they also want he violence to end. those deaths. we want hamas tt not put them in harm's way." way.. the navy also aiming states and othhe world leadees ...consider hamas... a... terrorist group...///the egyptian primeeminnster... arrived in the gaza ssrip this morning,... to meet witt palestinian officials... a piece of art donated to a washington goodwill store... turns out to be an authentic salvador dali.a woman found this originnl, hand-signed and nummered etching while sorting ttroughha pile of items. the ppece -- titled "reflections" shop-goodwill-dot-com.the hundred dollars.ust over 91--- a... roup of young voterrs.. failss.. to get a onkey ...on the ballot.../.ecuador's... presidential elections... happen next ffbruary .../ and... thursday was the last day ... to... register candidates./.. so... a grouu attempted to bring a registration form... for "senor burro" ...or... "mister donkey"...// even tho
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